Tangent Group Latest News



The first ground floor slab at the new Digitech Factory building at City College Norwich has now been completed.

A job that can't stop half way, meant a very long day for both the R G carter site team and Tangent Groundworks. Using a 52m pump to reach the span of the site, 300 cubic metres of concrete was laid.

This is the lower ground slab of this stepped four-storey building which will become home to a wide range of full and part-time courses, teaching creative media, software and programming, and 'hard' digital skills; a space to develop the digital skills of the future.

Delivery of First GPS Rover

Our Engineering team have just taken delivery of our first GPS Rover, this combined with our Trimble Total station means all our engineering needs and yours can be taken care of in house. Sitech Peter brookes did us proud again.

Tangent Win Kings Lynn Police Station Contract

Tangent win the Kings Lynn Police station contract for Morgan Sindall starting early 2017.

Persimmon Homes Final Negotiations

We are in the final negotiations with Persimmon Homes for phase 2 of Millers Field. This kicks off early 2017.